VPR 03W 07R – Prada

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To find your current frame size, you can check the inner temples of your frame. The measurements should be displayed in the format shown below:

Lens Width Bridge Width Temple Length
Extra Small Below 42 mm Below 16 mm Below 130 mm
Small 42-48 mm 16-17 mm 130-135 mm
Medium 49-52 mm 18-19 mm 136-140 mm
Large 53-58 mm 20-23 mm 141-150 mm
Extra-Large Above 58 mm Above 23 mm Above 150 mm


Brand:Prada 03W 07R-101
Glass Design: Geometric
Frame Type: Acetate
Frame Color:Caramel
Glass Material: Blue Cut
Gauge: 53mm
Bridge length: 16mm
Handle length: 140mm